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  • Lisa Bushman

Be Authentic

I absolutely love this quote by Brene Brown. It gets at the heart of just being who we are.

Many people come to my office for counseling because they are not currently happy with their lives. They often talk about "not being where I should be" at this stage of my life. This is a signal to me that they have an image of who they think they should be, versus just being who they are.

In an era of social media, we are often sucked into thinking that our lives have to be perfect, in order for others to like us. We spend hours of our time looking at happy pictures on Facebook and drawing erroneous conclusions about how others are living. We then compare our own lives to this narrative in our head. The end result is that we conclude our own lives are "less than" the norm. This results in a false sense of dissatisfaction.

We often fear creating our own path. We experience fear of judgement, fear of non-acceptance, and fear of stepping into the unknown. So what happens? We spend our lives walking someone else's path, and end up with a life that we don't want.

Where is your life today? Are you living the life that you want, or someone else's?

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