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  • Lisa Bushman

Heal Thyself !

Saturday evening, I was searching Netflix for something to watch, and came across an excellent documentary. The program was called HEAL and was all about the mind/body connection. It featured many of the world's best healers and offered a different perspective on health.

Living in the western world, we tend to think about disease in a very physical manner. We're trained thru societal messages to take a pill, see a specialist, or run some more tests. This program is focused on a more holistic and natural healing, and discusses how our mental and emotional states can affect our physical health.

I've always been a big believer in body, mind, and spirit. When any of the three are out of balance, our well-being is compromised and we end up in a state of "dis-ease." Ever notice that when you're stressed or worried, you end up getting sick? This program speaks to that very issue.

Find some time to watch this documentary on Netflix. You'll begin to see your health in a totally different light.

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