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  • Lisa Bushman

Float Away !

I decided to try something new over the weekend. My daughter and I went to a float spa for a little float therapy. You're probably thinking "What's that?"

Float therapy entails allowing the mind and body to totally relax. You enter a large pod, alone, that is filled with 10 inches of water and has been infused with 1000 lbs of Epsom salt. This solution allows you to float effortlessly in the water. While in the pod, you'll be in a deep relaxing anti-gravity environment that will allow you to release tension, and decrease the stress hormones in your body. It is a total sensory deprivation experience. If you don't feel comfortable in the total darkness with no sound, you can use the controls within the pod to listen to music, and infuse lighting. The temperature in the pod is adjusted to keep you warm and toasty, because you will be floating in the nude. It's definitely a "back to nature thing" I have to admit, it brought up thoughts of being in the womb.... something I haven't thought about for a VERY long time.

I highly recommend that you try this experience. You can find reduced price sessions on Groupon, and get promotional deals from the providers.

When was the last time that you pampered yourself and TOTALLY relaxed?

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