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  • Lisa Bushman

Are you truly thankful ?

Tis the season! It's that time of the year when the holidays roll around. This time of the year can either be really exciting and fun, or full of struggle for a lot of people. The pendulum usually swings based on the people who surround you, and whether friends and/or family are a source of emotional support.

Many of us often take our support systems for granted. Each day, time passes and we get a little bit older. Life becomes so automatic and cluttered by our work, activities, and patterns that we take time and people for granted. We slowly become the next generation without realizing it. I remember my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Ford, drilling into my head to "never waste time... you can never ever get it back... its gone forever"

My own wake up call came last weekend when I attended a funeral of an extremely close friend, who died suddenly. She had been a significant person in the life of my family, as a nanny to my children when they were little. Ironically, I had written about her in a previous blog titled "Understanding The Value of Time." At that point in her life, her husband had a brain tumor, and they both understood that time is precious and another day is not guaranteed. So they spent his last months making memories. Little did she know that her own life would not last many months beyond his.

So whether your family or friends are a support to you, or not, recognize and be thankful for their presence in your life. Be thankful that they are here. You may not get along with all of them today, but they have all impacted your life in one way, shape, or form. Make this holiday season different. Send a quick note, card, or email letting those, who have impacted your life, know that you appreciate them, and are thankful for them.

Who and/or what are you truly thankful for ?

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