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  • Lisa Bushman

Sunday morning with Andy

This Sunday, I decided to do something different, rather than attend the same church that I normally do. I try to do this often so that church doesn't become "a habit." I also think that it's very important that we keep our minds open to new ideas and fresh perspectives, and not get all of our information from only one source. It's extremely important to personal growth and psychological health.

So today, I decided to go out to Youtube and listen to Andy Stanley from Northpoint church in Atlanta. Andy's a dynamic speaker and often he presents a great mix of religion, psychology, and humor in his presentations. He's extremely good at making the Bible applicable to our lives. His church has a tremendous presence on the web, and they post all of his sermons with many various topics.

Today, I just randomly picked "The American In The Mirror." Andy talked about the importance of self-leadership and how key it is to our own sustained performance. He went on to explain how we imprison ourselves when we are not being honest with ourselves. This often leads to undermining our own success. Andy relates this to clearly understanding our values, and moving our lives toward that direction.

I'd love to tell you about everything that he touched on in this sermon... but the best way for you to get it all, is to just watch it yourself. So here's what I stumbled on this morning. This message is well worth the time....

-- Lisa

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