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  • Lisa Bushman

Becoming Familiar with Change

Most of us try to resist change. We fight to hold on to what is familiar, whether it serves us or not. The real problem is that we have an assumption that change will not be positive. This comes from our brain's tendency to generate thoughts which often worry about the future, and focus on the negative. We must be aware that these thoughts are most likely not true, and that there is little to no evidence for this.

I've always been a big Michael Singer fan, and I love what he has to say about fear and change. Here's a short clip of an interview that he did with Oprah. Listen to what he has to say about how we tend to respond.

Did you see your own reactions in the video? What are you resisting? The only way thru is to understand that we must surrender our need to control, try not to react, and welcome what life has brought our way.

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