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  • Lisa Bushman

The Royal Impact of Diana

So did you get up and watch the royal wedding? Many people around the world did. While most people were blown away by the pomp and circumstance, I think I was more focused on the big picture that played out. I mostly saw the character of Diana and Meghan that was present at the ceremony.

Even though Diana was not there at the wedding, I think that her impact on the world was. During her time as royalty, she was committed to change, and knew the importance of being true to herself and who she was. She stood firm and went against the grain. She often modeled the correct behavior for her children, in the moment, despite knowing that it may be misinterpreted as incorrect by others, because of her status. Despite all of the focus by the media, she never turned back and learned to handle the pressure. In fact, Diana learned to use the media in a positive way to influence others, and help support the cause at hand. How she raised her kids and who she was, made a tremendous impact on William and Harry. I think her legacy is evident by Harry's choice of who he wanted standing by his side. Who would have fathomed, with all the prim and proper of the royal family, that a bi-racial American woman would marry into royalty. Or, an African American choir would be singing at the royal wedding? The work of Diana changed the landscape for her children and paved the way for their success.

The other big moment that stood out for me was the live stream of Meghan Markle in the car, on the long road toward the venue. I can't fathom what was going through her mind, as she was in the car headed toward Windsor Castle. She had made a big choice that would change her life forever. She understood the cost, yet remained committed to the cause. Both she and Harry are focused on using their lives to make a positive impact on others, just as Diana did.

So yes, there was lots of glitz and glamour, and it was beautiful.... I guess I'm just not dazzled by all that stuff. For me, it was more about seeing the change of character and the personal growth of the royal family. Those boys have come a long way. Diana's hard work and dedication made a lasting impact on the future of the monarchy. In the end, she challenged the royals to decide just who they wanted to be.

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