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  • Lisa Bushman

Can You Be OK With Uncertainity?

We all have some level of resistance to uncertainty. Our brains automatically place uncertainty into a negative category. For some people, the experience of uncertainty is a very intense feeling. This often leads to over thinking, being risk adverse, and having an intense reaction to anything new or unknown. When we get into this state, it is difficult to move forward because we are trying to find a solution to uncertainty. We think that we must know the outcome, in order for us to be OK.

The real solution is to embrace uncertainty, or "what is." We need to quit trying to find the solution, quit expecting the worst, and be open to all possibilities. We need to let go of the outcome and our need to control it. Resisting "what is" only creates more struggle, and more negative emotion.

The only thing certain is uncertainty. The real freedom is in learning to embrace it and "just be."

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