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  • Lisa Bushman

Learn By Experience

I was reminded of this quote today, as I spoke to one of my clients. He was discussing the success that he had with using skills that he had learned. Often clients come to counseling because they feel stuck in their life. This can be due to self limiting beliefs, fear of the unknown, or an inability to move beyond their comfort zone. They come looking for additional skills which will help them have a new perspective, or think and behave differently.

As Einstein says above, it is not enough to just have the knowledge of new skills and ways of being. The real learning comes from implementing those skills in our every day life, and learning from the experience. If we want to grow beyond our current situation, we must be willing to test the waters, and implement these skills in our every day life. Doing so, helps us expand our own abilities and find new ways of thinking and being. When we experience a new part of ourselves, personal growth takes place.

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