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  • Lisa Bushman

Note to self....

Not a day goes by, when I don't see the evidence of this quote in one of my clients. I'm often talking to people who have lost their confidence because they think that in order for their lives to be ok, certain things MUST take place. These might include behavioral and thought patterns such as: rituals, dichotomous thinking, dependence on others, constant structure, avoidance of distress, excessive preparedness, control, addictions, absolute certainty, etc. They erroneously believe that they will not be able to endure, if they don't continue these practices in their lives. And often, their self-image is tightly woven around this.

As I work, week by week, I slowly begin to see the change in my clients, as they gain speed in their lives and move closer to accomplishing their goals. This usually means stepping outside their comfort zones, and testing the waters.... testing new behaviors, and new ways of thinking. Sometimes these are small steps, and other times they are big leaps of faith. They begin to leave their old negative assumptions behind and start to realize that their lives will be just fine, with their new ways of being.

What haven't you tested within yourself ?

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