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  • Lisa Bushman

What is your bliss ?

I was reminded of this quote today, while working with a client. She was struggling with the current status of her life, and wanting to make changes. Her job was not serving her well, and going to work each day, was becoming a chore. She was only a few years out of school, and still young.

What she really wanted was to go back to school and start over. She told me about how she chose her current profession, and it was based on what others had wanted for her life. As she spoke about her dreams, I watched her whole demeanor change. She absolutely lit up as she talked about her real passion. It reminded me of my own journey. As we talked, I was also reminded of the fear that I felt in starting something new, and not knowing whether I would be successful. That fear almost stopped me from reaching for a goal, and becoming more of who I was created to be.

What's your dream ? Are you pursuing your bliss?

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