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  • Lisa Bushman

Outside the Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

I often talk to my clients about recognizing and understanding their own comfort zones. It can be the biggest barrier to change. We all love to feel comfortable, and every day life lulls us into our zone. We often don't recognize that we do things each and every day that make us feel comfortable. It can be a daily pattern, what we eat or drink, the clothes that we wear, who we hang out with, etc. As we do this, day in and day out, we begin to cement that groove into our being.

However, at various points in our lives, we are challenged by circumstances that are outside our comfort zone. This can be as simple as a new task, a new food, meeting new people, taking on a new job, or even just doing something that we've never done before. It is at this split moment, when we are challenged with something new, that we know we are being stretched beyond our "CZ". We feel that slight twang of uneasiness inside of us and instantaneously experience our own insecurities. It is in this moment that we begin to feel the fear of the unknown. And being human, quite often, our first reaction is to push it away, or return to our mode of safety.

It is at these times when we must notice what's happening inside, and learn to just sit and experience the turbulence. We get a chance to participate in the unfamiliar. Just like our thoughts, we are capable of observing this about ourselves. This helps us become aware of our emotional reactions, and stretches us to new levels. These uncomfortable moments give us opportunities to learn about ourselves, and broaden our perspectives. While this may feel uncomfortable at the time, it is our pathway to personal growth.

When was the last time that you challenged yourself to move beyond your CZ?

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

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