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  • Lisa Bushman

Opportunity comes knocking

None of us like to have problems arise in our lives. In fact, most of us start to freak out, and "go south". We often expect our lives to run smoothly each day, and continue like that, year after year. We all have somehow adjusted our thought patterns to think that life should be all ups and no downs.

I've come to realize that challenges arise in our lives to get us to think and go beyond our current limits. We often have to experience new situations, or think in new ways in order to solve our own issues. If not, then we can miss out on personal growth, by pushing our problems aside, and not dealing with them. Challenges force us to expand ourselves, and teach us to think and move outside our comfort zone. They help us to slowly move through the change process, and move us to a different level.

So the next time that a problem arises in your life, is it possible to look at it as a learning opportunity? If you look back at all your struggles, you'll be surprised at how much you've learned.

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