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  • Lisa Bushman

Life or Life Situation ?

Anyone who knows me knows that I often listen to audio books in my car, to and from work. It's a way for me to use an hour of my time to educate myself, in what otherwise would be wasted time sitting in rush hour traffic. I've recently been listening to Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth." I love to listen to his teachings, but I have to admit, I don't always understand it the first time around. ( Eckhart has a way of taking things to an entirely different level! ) However, I heard him say this quote on Friday, and it hit me. There really is a difference between who we think we are, and what is happening in our lives.

When people talk to us, we often talk about what is happening in our life situation, and we internalize this as who we are. However, that life situation changes day to day, so that can't possibly be all there is to us. Beyond all the form and the day to day life, there is an incredible person inside of of us, trying to reach their greatest potential. The problem comes when we totally identify with our situation, and our mind gets stuck in the story. When we believe only the story, then the story starts to drive our lives. Our lives are then being controlled by the external and our thoughts. In the end, if we want peace in our lives, we must understand that the only thing that we control is our attitudes and beliefs. We must be able to accept that everything else is beyond our control, and "this too shall pass."

So where are your thoughts? Are they running wild with the story of who you are?

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