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  • Lisa Bushman

What Are You Thinking ?

Deep stuff, huh? I've always loved this quote by Wayne Dyer. He was an incredible spiritual teacher, with an amazing depth of insight. I think what he's trying to convey here is that what we think, we become. Our bodies and minds are integrated. It shows me the importance of monitoring our own thoughts. We must always be vigilant of negativity, fear, and the conversations that we have with ourselves.

Have you ever noticed that fear and negativity arise when we begin to think about doing something new, or unknown. Our minds have a natural bias for thinking that these situations will be negative. It is when we identify with these thoughts, that we become blocked from moving forward. If you often hold negative thoughts about your self image, ask yourself what benefit you receive from doing that. It may sound strange to think that we get a benefit from negative self talk, but we tend to do things that work for us, and shy away from things that make us feel uncomfortable. Most of the time, these negative thoughts protect us from moving thru our distress. If we believe them, then we have a pretext for not facing our fears or making changes in our lives.

Remember, you are not your thoughts! When you believe and participate in these thoughts, you are living in your head, and not in the world. Your beliefs about fear and negativity then play out in your life, as you play defense against the world. Your priority becomes your fear, instead of your life.

What fear and negativity reside in your thoughts? Is it really true? Or are you just caught up in your mind?

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