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  • Lisa Bushman

The Illusion of Control

We all encounter stress in our lives, in some way, shape, or form. Often, we tend to think that our stress is due to our external circumstances. We look at what is happening in our lives, and evaluate it as not being the way we think it should be. We encounter stress when we want events to be different than what they really are. Our response usually begins with thinking that we must change the circumstances, for us to feel OK again. And so we begin trying to change our external world, in order to fix our internal state. This often creates in us an illusion of being able to control ALL things.

We are capable of changing our internal state through acceptance of our current situation. We do not have to feel disturbed about any circumstances that arise in our life. Continuing to resist “what is”, continues the resistance in our minds. And our resistance to accepting the situation, creates our stress.

So where is your stress coming from? Is it a belief about your current situation and your control over it? In the end, the only thing that we have control over is ourselves.

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